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Gardens in Bloom

Come watch our gardens grow!

Every year at the Balance Rock Inn we plant over 3,000 flowers and over 15 varieties of beautiful blooms.

Guests can follow along whether you stay in spring and only see the first seedlings or in fall while they are at their maturest.

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The Fountain Garden just after install in June…over 1,300 flowers! 

The Ocean Gardens before install in June…over 1,700 flowers! 

and after install…

That’s a lot of digging!

The Gardens Today

The Balance Rock Inn Gardens features…

Queen Sparkler Blush Cleome



Giant Zinnias

Cut and Come Again

Rocket Snap Dragons (4 different varieties)

Sonnet Snap Dragons

Salvia (5 different varieties)

Bon Bons



Dusty Miller

Endless Summer Hydrangeas